Tekkie Town Company Profile

Company Profile


About Tekkie Town:

Tekkie Town, founded in June 2001, is a leading sport and lifestyle shoe chain. With over 250 stores country wide, we cater for the entire family's needs, all ages, genders and any foot size - big or small. Tekkie Town is the answer to quality leisure, school, fashion or sports footwear. We stock the widest range of branded footwear and accessories, like Adidas, Cat, Hi-Tec, Merrell, New Balance, Nike, Puma, Reebok and much more.

Tekkie Town found a niche in the South African sports and lifestyle footwear market ten years ago due to the lack of service, attention to customer's needs and the unchecked inflation of product prices in the market place. Tekkie Town was also brave enough to identify and open stores in rural South Africa, living close to our purpose of bringing branded footwear to all South Africans at the best possible prices.

Tekkie Town promise to continue with exceptional customer service while bringing you the widest range of best quality footwear at the best possible prices. Tekkie Town - Great Brands at Great Prices.


Our Mission:

To be the premier shoe retailer in South Africa and the preferred retailer of high quality branded footwear at the best possible prices. Earning the respect and loyalty of our customers by providing them with unparalleled service and buying experience. Striving to concisely satisfies their needs, exceeds their increasing quality expectations in a comfortable and supportive environment - resulting in a lifelong relationship with us. Give customers access to our industry through empowered and well trained employees and family members who reinforce our mission every day and make a positive contribution within our communities.


Our Vision:

To be the recognised leader in our areas of functioning and to assist in putting branded footwear at the best possible prices on the feet of all South Africans. Our value system, talents and aspirations of our employees and family members in our company provide the foundation to reach this goal.


Our Value System:

At Tekkie Town we follow the basic set of principles, which starts with respect for the individual. The respect we show for you and your individual needs also extends to co-workers, suppliers and everyone involved in our business. Since our founding in 2001, the company has been driven by an understood set of CORE VALUES that have helped guide the basic principles of our business for the last decade. The value system of Tekkie Town is the foundation that guides our conduct and decisions. The values are independent concepts which, taken together, form a complete system. Each value is important to the success of the company. We believe that adherence to the following values is fundamental to the fulfillment of our mission and vision.


These CORE VALUES, which are the foundation of our organisation are:

  1. Honesty in all things Customer
  2. Delight Responsibility of financial power
  3. Capability Personal leadership
  4. Team work
  5. Goodwill and brand image
  6. Courage and accountability 
  7. Continuous improvement
  8. Open communication
  9. Work Ethic Commitment